Bringing Disability Discrimination to Justice

Legal Representation for Individuals

Edward A. Kopelson, a New Jersey and New York attorney, represents individuals who have been discriminated against because of their disability or handicap. Many of his clients are represented without payment of a fee, other than what can be collected from the business or entity which committed unlawful discrimination. Persons with disabilities are represented by Mr. Kopelson in many different contexts, including employment, access to public accommodations, availability of government services, and housing.

Legal Representation for Advocacy Organizations

Mr. Kopelson also represents organizations which advocate for persons with disabilities. Organizations he has represented include: Disabled Advocates Working for Northwest, Inc. (DAWN); Disabled Information Awareness & Living, Inc. (DIAL); Heightened Independence & Progress, Inc. (HIP); New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA); and Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York (DIA).

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