Edward A. Kopelson, Attorney-at-Law, provides legal representation for individuals who have been discriminated against because of their disability or handicap and organizations which advocate for persons with disabilities.

Edward A. Kopelson, Esq. Legal Services

Experienced Legal Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Edward A. Kopelson can provide effective expertise, legal services, counsel and representation to address issues and matters of:

Employment Discrimination – including refusals to hire, wrongful terminations, denials of promotions and reasonable accommodations, as well as workplace harassment. See representative cases.

Access to Public Accommodations – such as failure to follow barrier-free design codes, refusal to remove barriers, policies that exclude persons with disabilities, and denial of auxiliary aids. See representative cases.

Government Services – where law enforcement practices, municipal zoning ordinances, public transportation policies and more may discriminate against persons with disabilities. See representative cases.

Housing – assuring that tenants, homeowners and condominium residents can modify and use their homes in ways which accommodate their disabilities. See representative cases.

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